You Must Know Ways To Deal With Foaming (Bubbles) On Home Paint

Bubbles arise on the surface as a result of the paint has not dried. When the paint dries up, a crater will appear. This problem is also known as foaming. This crater then made the wall surface uneven. The process of giving the house paint color will not be optimal. This problem will not make the wall damaged, but it makes the wall looks ugly. In the meantime, if you need to hire a professional interior painter, then you may call the trusted interior painting woodstock

Then, how to overcome the problem of the bubble paint? Re-painting the surface of the wall is one way that can be done. The first step you need to do is sand the wall that has bubbles. After that, you can apply basic house paint color first. After that, wait for the primer to dry. The next process is to apply paint that has a gloss or semigloss. This is to prevent bubbles from surfacing.

Causes of bubbles

Often, the problem of bubbles or foaming usually occurs because of the quality of the paint used as a low house paint color. Another factor that can occur is because the paint has been stored for too long, causing the quality to decline. With this type of paint, bubbles will appear and form a crater.

In good quality paint, bubbles may still appear, but the bubbles will break when they are still wet. So the process of forming a crater will not occur and can produce a charming color for the wall.

Avoid the formation of bubbles

Choose high-quality wall paint when you buy paint. Quality paint will make bubbles break when the paint is still wet. Also, try not to keep paint that has been used or open for too long. Take advantage of your old paint to give color to another room or color the property.

One thing you have to make sure is that the wall surface is smooth before painting. For porous wall surfaces, do first surface sanding before painting. This is useful for closing your pores so that the water does not seep and the air does not enter.

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