You Must Avoid These 5 Mistakes When You Sail On A Cruise Ship or Yacht

The atmosphere inside the cruise ship or yacht will be much different from the plane because there are thousands of passengers that will be found. Don’t be surprised if you see a long line to enter or exit the ship’s room. Getting lost on ships or Yachts will also often occur.

If it’s your first time sailing on a cruise ship or yacht, you may want to avoid these 5 mistakes:

1. Don’t select a route which is too long for you

For those who are first on a cruise ship, you should first choose a short route so you won’t be bored easily, such as traveling for three or four nights.

However, if the yacht can make you feel at home, it means you can choose a longer route on your next trip.

2. Don’t come late

Know the position of the ship leaning back and come there early, so hurry up. For those who come from abroad, estimate the distance between the airport to the port.

Just like planes, cruise ships or yachts will also not wait for passengers who arrive late.

3. Don’t carry too many goods

Costumes on the cruise ship are not only shorts, shirts, and flip-flops. Bring one or two pairs of semi-formal clothes, so there is no mistaken costume when you want to come to a place that needs a dress code.

Also, know the cruise ship’s route carefully, so you can decide to bring a thick jacket or not.

4. Avoid excessive activities

Seasickness, colds, diarrhea, and dehydration are the most common health cases on cruise ships or yachts.

Passengers do not need to carry a lot of medicine, because there is a free clinic provided on board. But it’s good to be aware of yourself by not doing excessive activities for the sake of health.

5. Forget to carry a map (usually for large cruise ships)

With a very large size, the possibility of getting lost on a cruise ship is also very large. Instead of memorizing directions until frustration, it’s best to take a cruise ship map when you step inside it.

Mark also the place you want to explore, so you don’t waste too much time wandering around to get lost.

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