You May Try These Unique Photobooth Themes For Your Wedding

If you are looking for a unique and different photo booth idea for your wedding, you have found the right article. Whatever your theme and place of marriage, find inspiration from a collection of photobooth images which are in the middle of the trend below. In the meantime, you can also consider hiring photo booth rental san diego near San diego if you want to get the best photo booth for your wedding.

Here are 3 unique photobooth themes for your wedding:

1. VW Combi car-themed photo booth

Make your wedding different from using the VW Combi car-themed photo booth. You don’t have to, you can rent it with friends who have or this classic car fan club.

In order to make it even more different, decorate a VW Combi car according to the theme of your wedding. For rustic, kinfolk or vintage themes you can add wood elements. Like cabinets, tables or signboards made of wood.

2. Wrapping cloth and origami paper fans as a photo booth

If you want to make a photo booth you don’t have to worry about traveling, especially to drain the rest of your savings. Just use plywood, prop it so that the plywood can stand upright, then decorate with various round fan-shaped cloth and origami with matching colors.

Tips for making this photo booth look elegant and not cheap is to use a soft colored fabric or not flashy. Also, use paper that looks old to get a classy origami fan look.

3. Giant paper flower photo booth

In order to make it, first, fill the cement in a large paper cup. The form of steel wire becomes a stem. After the cement in the glass dries, make it the ‘root’ and attach the ‘wire’ of the steel wire to the glass. Cover the ‘stem’ of the flower with brown paper duct tape so that the surface is smooth and unobtrusive when installing crepe paper later.

Cover the ‘stem’ with green crepe paper. Make poppies by combining several flower petals with different sizes from crepe paper. Use a strong rope to tie the bottom of the poppy flower to the flower stem. Giant flowers from fairy tales are ready for you to use.

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