What Is Needed During A Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms usually require renovation when you need to replace the sanitary ware, paint walls that are peeling, or replace ceramics. This can also be used to replace the bathroom theme through material selection and sanitation. Here are some creative ideas that can be applied to bathroom remodeling:

– Add Towel Rack and Equipment

There is no need to place a towel line in the bathroom, try adding a towel to the part that can be used more, such as in the sink area. The place for a towel that can be used to put a change of clothes can be a wooden or iron cross on the side of the sink. The restroom in the bathroom, as in the lower part of the sink which is usually not used, can be used as a closet for storing items such as bathroom cleaning equipment. To make it look neat and not damage the display, add a closing door to the closet.

– Coats sanitary material with other materials

Bored with the appearance of the woman who is that’s all but does not want to replace it because it can still be used? Try coating the sanitary with other materials such as wood and ceramics.

– Natural elements in the bathroom

Bathing activities certainly require a calm and refreshing atmosphere. A fresh atmosphere like bathing in the open can be obtained by breaking down one wall so that the bathroom becomes semi-open. Another practical way is to enter plant pots. In addition to beautifying the bathroom, the plant serves to maintain the humidity of the bathroom.

Such natural designs can be obtained at a relatively cheap cost. No need to make everything look perfect and neat. Just leave the rough finish and make use of used tiles or wood as an accent on the floor to add to its natural impression. Cheap materials such as PVC roof coverings and bamboo frames can also be used to create the impression of a rustic style in an open bathroom. One of the things that must be maintained is that the bathroom drainage is clean and healthy. Also consider the safety and comfort factors of privacy, especially if you want to make a semi-outdoor bathroom.

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