High-Quality Contents And Your Competitor’s Backlink Are Important For Link Building

Content is the main foundation for getting a link building. If you try to write quality content, it will bring lots of backlinks to your website 1 posicionamiento seo. In the meantime, you can also hire the best consultor seo service to get the best SEO contents for your website.

How do you characterize quality content to get backlinks?

Content with popular and unique topics.

Its contents are far more complete (better) than other similar content.

Resolve the problems faced by many people (target audience).

It is presented with an interesting and easy to understand.

Then, how to produce content according to those characteristics? I suggest writing content using the GIP method.

The GIP method stands for 3 things you will do:

  • Gather the best content.
  • Improve the material.
  • Promote the right person.

In short, consider these steps to produce high-quality content:

Collect some content on similar topics.

There is no limit to the amount of content, the most important is that some number of articles are able to meet the needs of some content that you will create. For example 5 articles or 7 articles.

Note the strengths, weaknesses, and unique elements of each content. You can write down the points of the advantages and disadvantages of each content in a table (using Microsoft Excel).

Arrange new content structures.

From the previous points that you have noted, enter all positive points into your content and close all weakness points (complete). So that you will have a more complex and quality content structure.

Promote content.

To promote content to the target audience, there are many platforms that you can use, such as websites or various types of social media.

Find Out Backlinks and Competitive Strategies

This technique has great potential to get backlinks. By looking at the competitor’s website backlinks, you can get quality backlinks.

To see competitor backlinks, you can use several tools such as Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, OpenLinkProfiler, or SEO SpyGlass.

For example, from the results displayed there are those from certain blogs, websites, or forums, then you can participate or try to get a link on the same website. By participating, your website will be better known by other websites and get backlinks.