These Are Some Of The Habits Of Successful Bloggers

Being a successful blogger is our dream as a beginner blogger. No wonder we often do blogging tips from successful domestic and foreign bloggers. In addition to these tips, in my opinion, before we start a blog, we can also learn from their habits. What are the habits of these bloggers in achieving success?

According to John Chow in his ebook Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com, at least there are some habits that are carried out by successful bloggers, such as:

Write well

Writing posts is the backbone of developing a blog in the long run. Therefore, successful bloggers write as well as possible by paying attention to the usability, grammar, writing flow, sentence effectiveness, and coherence of sentences or paragraphs.

Like the blogging topic

Blogging with preferred topics will help in developing a blog in the long run. For example, you choose the topic of the car because you like things related to the car. Thus, you will be happy to write the topic in the long term.

Publish posts consistently

Consistent is fixed. In blogging, consistent understanding can be interpreted as regularly publishing posts. When is it time? That depends on the situation and condition of the blogger himself. You can just post one article every day, 3 posts per week, 1 post per week, or more than one post per day.

Not stingy giving a link

A good post generally comes from own experience and/or references (other people’s writing). Even though the writing mostly comes from own experience, it would be better if the post is equipped with data or facts from other people’s posts. In addition, this habit helps visitors deepen the topic and build cooperation with your blogger

Interact with readers

What does a blog mean without a reader? Therefore, interacting with readers helps you develop your blog. This form of interaction includes answering comments, receiving criticism, replying to e-mail readers, and visiting visitor blogs.