Preparing your Home for Sale – Soaking up a Sale

Buyers will spend time looking right through a property before deciding whether or not to buy it, however there are certain areas of a house that receive more scrutiny than others – and one of these areas is the bathroom. An unappealing bathroom can be be an instant turn-off for people – so it is worth spending some time and money to make your bathroom look its best. Here are some simple ideas to help you make a great impression.

Cleanliness is Number One

Whatever condition your bathroom is in, it must be clean. Nothing puts buyers off like mildrew and a dirty loo! Clean your tiles and grouting, make sure your windows, mirrors and shower screens are spotless and free of streaks. Hairs in the drains are a real put off, so check this before your open your home to buyers. When you’re selling, replace your soap bars with liquid soap, there will be less mess to take care of.

That Smell Won’t Sell

It is a fact of life that bad smells can creep into your bathrooms. Nothing will put a buyer off faster than a bad smell, so make sure you air your bathrooms well, open the windows, use the extractor fan and add some potpourri or air freshner if needed….but don’t go over the top as buyers might think you are trying to hide something.

Fix the Fittings

Cracked basin, toilets or tubs give the impression the room is unhygienic, so consider replacing these. It is not that expensive provided you don’t change the plumbing.

Space Savers

If you have a small bathroom don’t clutter the limited wall space with towel rails, put them on the back of the door. If you are renovating a small bathroom, consider wall mounted sinks and toilets.

Use big mirrors to make the room appear twice the size, not only will they enhance the feeling of spaciousness, they are also very practical.

The bathroom will also seem less cluttered if you keep the colour scheme simple and light aswell as ensuring you have good storage to hide all those bits and pieces.

Buyers Will Lap Up Luxury

Today luxury spa bathrooms are very popular, but we don’t all have this look. You can however add a little luxury to any bathroom. Fresh plump towels, some handmade soaps, plant or fresh flowers and some boutique bath products set out in your bathroom will give that feeling of luxury.

A New Coat

Stained or chipped bathtubs and basins can be easily fixed by enamelling companies that can give your fitting a whole new look. They can even enamel old tiles, so if your bathroom’s colour scheme is straight out of the 1970’s this simple inexpensive process could save you sale. Add to this a fresh coat of paint on the walls and you have a whole new bathroom.

Looking for More Tips?

Let’s be honest – selling a home is never an easy task – it takes a bit work and a lot of patience. These are a few ideas to help you style your bathrooms when selling, but don’t forget the entire property needs to be looked at.

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